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Arms & Legs

Dr. Barnes uses Smartlipo and Tickle Lipo for minimally invasive surgery to reduce the size/shaping of arms and legs and improve the quality of the skins elasticity. Tickle Lipo is based on vibrations set up by a special cannula that actually tickles many patients as he removes fat. The actual name is Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction. He also uses SmartLipo, a laser fiber that passes under the skin to result in additional fat reduction and more skin tightening due to tissue heating effects. Both of the new technologies result in better and faster results for his lipo-contouring patients and help get them back to work faster. He uses them together at times depending on the needs of each individual patient – some need more skin tightening so Dr. Barnes offers the SmartLipo in addition to Tickle Lipo body contouring.

  1. Faster recovery
  2. Minimal risk of side effects
  3.  Less invasive and traumatic technique
  4. Safety
  5. FDA-approved
  6. Stimulates Collagen growth – tightens, tones, and smoothes skin
  7. May be used to treat areas previously untreatable by conventional means
  8. May minimize and eliminate the need for more extensive surgical procedures
  9. May be combined with other treatments to maximize the total effect.