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Awake Face Lift / Neck Lift

A Face Lift or Neck Lift, sometimes called a “tuck”, can be done in various degrees from conservative to more complete depending on what your particular needs are. Even so, an aging neck can still be remarkably improved without undergoing a “huge” procedure.

Dr. Barnes does his Lunchtime Lifts in Newport Beach Orange County in an hour or two with minimal downtime or discomfort, usually awake although other options are available. Each person has their own unique needs and each case must be addressed accordingly. This is why the consultation is so important – to determine how your particular needs can be met with the safest, most conservative approach possible.

A natural, balanced outcome is a high priority. Often there are other areas of the face that have aged, too, so that other considerations must also be addressed so that the final result appears balanced, natural, and like you – only “refreshed”. Namely, sun-damaged skin can be improved in various ways – by “Lite” CO2 Laser, Prolite IPL Photofacial, or chemical peels, while it is also often desirable to surgically rejuvenate the eyelids at the same time.

Awake Face or Neck Lift Recovery

Depending on what is done, the downtime can be 5 to 7 days with virtually no pain or discomfort. In fact many patients are out and working in less than a week. It must be noted that post-operative pain or discomfort is usually minimal with these procedures which are sometimes difficult to believe.