Neck Lift

Tighter, thinner neck, more defined jawline 

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Neck Lift



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New technologies available today, in combination with procedures Dr. Barnes has already been performing successfully for years, offer him a number of options for improved clinical results for his patients - especially for your neck . We try to offer you the least invasive option that will still give you the great result you desire.   Sometimes the amount of loose neck skin is more than just neck lipo alone will reverse and that's what you will discuss with Dr. Barnes in detail to determine what is best for you.

With this goal in mind, Dr. Barnes has created his Neck Shrink Lift procedure.  Many people can benefit from this less invasive option to thin your neck and tighten the skin without doing "cutting surgery" like a neck lift.  However, at times, Dr. Barnes' mini necklift procedure is the better procedure to help you reach your goals.  Still, however, Dr. Barnes will offer you choices and will do the procedure that fits you best. Dr. Barnes performs his neck lipo and laser procedure almost everyday! And necklifts weekly, too.

The Shrink Lift is his Neck Lipo Newport Beach Orange County specialty. It can be done for a lower neck “pooch” that women often complain about, as well as help improve heavy necks and jowls, heavy upper arms and love handles, too. In each case, Dr. Barnes performs his Shrink Lift procedures in similar ways in different body areas. Each patient has unique needs in Dr. Barnes’ opinion and is evaluated in terms of where and how they may benefit the most from these procedures. Also for Tummy Lipo Newport Beach Orange County. This technique can really shrink loose skin.

Neck Lipo Procedure

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The Shrink Lift is comprised of liposculpture of an area initially and then a local skin treatment with SmartLipo technology immediately thereafter. This is done in a similar way wherever it is done on the body.

It is usually possible to perform  neck liposculpture – As it is for other areas – while you are awake in 30 minutes or so with little or no discomfort. Th excess fat or fullness you may have is often a genetic trait from one or both of your parents!  Both men and women are often concerned about a FULL neck that makes then look heavier or much older than they are!  I have helped people from age 20 to 85!!!!!

In the case of neck "Shrink Lift" –  which is my procedure of neck liposculpture  done with Laser Lipo at the same time to create more skin tightening because  the first part of the Shrink Lift procedure is done by using a local anesthetic to numb a small area under the chin, then I make a tiny opening in the numbed skin and introduce about a half a cup of diluted numbing medicine in saline solution in order to numb the tissues of the neck and jowls area – both skin and fat below the skin.

The fluid introduced is called tumescent solution – It has been used in liposculpture for more than 30 years. Then my hand held syringe method is used to remove any excess fatty tissue in the area under the neck and jowls using a small cunnula. This is called “liposculpture.” There is generally little or no discomfort due to the numbing medicine used to prepare the areas being treated – This is the case for the Shink Lift of the neck and jowls to create a thighter, more youthful appearing neck and lower face.

Immediately after liposculpture, Dr. Barnes uses his SmartLipo over the local skin of the areas where he does liposculpture. The SmartLipo serves to heat the collagen in the deeper skin in order to provoke more beneficial effects like increased skin tightening, more than just liposculpture alone.

With the addition of using his SmartLipo immediately after the procedure, Dr. Barnes believes our patients are getting faster healing, tighter skin of the area as a result, less post-operative swelling, bruising and even less discomfort and a faster return to normal activities.

The SmartLipo treatment takes only minutes so that the entire Shrink Lift procedure may take 30-45  minutes or less – With little or no discomfort.

Results are significant immediately after the Shrink Lift procedure (Local tumescent liposculpture and SmartLipo treatment of local skin.)

Recovery time

Many of our patients are able to resume normal activities in the next day or two. And our patients are very happy about being awake for this procedure which usually takes under 45 minutes from beginning to finish so that they need not undergo intravenous sedation. The real pluses are, of course, little or no discomfort, an awake procedure (no sedation needed usually,) fast results, and very little downtime if any - and a BIG result! . For all these reasons, the Neck Shrink Lift procedure is very popular in our practice and just the type of procedure that TV News programs call Dr. Barnes about.   His minimally invasive procedures get great results are very popular.  Dr. Barnes' LUNCHTIME MAKEOVERS procedures are often  the answer for people with concerns about the size of their FACE - NECK - BODY.    More than one body area can be improved at the same time, too, with Dr. Barnes LUNCHTIME MAKEOVERS approach.