For A More Youthful Appearance

Today, the Endoscopic Browlift is a popular and effective approach for elevating a forehead that has aged in such a way so that the eyebrows seem low, and even heavy. And forehead lines can appear deep, and weathered. This can create a tired, grim, or even unhappy look – not to mention “old”. In women, low eyebrows can give a more masculine look.

Raising the eyebrows to a more natural appearing position can often refresh both the upperface – the forehead – and greatly enhance the appearance of the eyes. However, the goal is not to get the eyebrows unnaturally high – as to create a surprised look. This is the kind of result we want to avoid. A natural, non-surgical look is the goal.

How is this procedure done? Through several small incisions in the hear-bearing scalp, a special endoscope is introduced so that all the work is done underneath the tissue with “indirect vision” without needing to open up the area with a large incision.

The forehead tissue in loosened and elevated to result in the eyebrows being re-positioned to a more pleasing, higher place. Usually that’s within a quarter of an inch or so higher.

Sometimes the “browlift” is done alone and often it is done along with a face “tuck”. It is really a decision that is largely “artistic” in nature. If you sit before a mirror and pull your forehead up with one hand so that your eyebrows move upward a little bit, is this pleasing to you?

We commonly associate a higher eyebrow position with youth and a more feminine “look”. If so, then the endoscopic browlift may be a consideration for you. Most importantly, is this something that you find desirable? Because that is the most important question.

The “downtime” is usually several days up to a week but most are out doing errands, etc. in a few of days. The post operative pain and discomfort is minimal.

The ThermaCool Skin Lift procedure is a non-surgical approach to raising the eyebrows a small yet significant amount. Certainly enough to achieve many people’s goals. There is no downtime and results begin to show in days to weeks and complete results are usually visible in several months.

But it can not smooth out the forehead lines like the browlift procedure. It is a reasonable consideration before final decisions are made as to which procedures may be best for you.