To Treat Sun Damage And Refresh Your Skin

While there has been a number of new developments for treating brown spots, fine lines and other signs of sundamaged skin, the TCA chemical peel has been popular with dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for years. If you have the evidence of sundamaged skin of the face, chest, arms, and hands so common in our culture today, the TCA Peel is one of the ways to help improve skin health and rejuvenate sun-damaged skin.

By applying the TCA solution directly on the skin of the face or elsewhere, and this is often done awake with minimal discomfort, many of the effects of years of sun damage can be effectively treated. This Peel is often called the “refreshening” peel, as after the most superficial layers of the skin flake or peel off over a week or so after applying the TCA to that area of skin, the “new” skin appears “refreshed”.

Brown spots are markedly decreased, texture is improved, and fine lines are decreased as well. While this is an excellent choice for rejuvenating many of the skin changes commonly associated with sun-damaged skin, there is some downtime in that the treated skin will flake or peel off over a number of days to a week or more.

For this reason, some people select treatments with the Prolite Photofacial IPL to treat the appearance of sun-damaged skin and have a series of Prolite treatments over several months without having the downtime usually associated with the TCA Peel.

This Peel has a proven track record and remains an important option for rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin. Your specific skin rejuvenation concerns and needs will help determine the selection of treatment options that may be right for you.

A specific rejuvenation program often involves pre-treatment skin care, sun protection and skin maintenance prior to as well as after a TCA Peel, Prolite IPL Photofacial treatment, or CO2 Laser (face only) treatment for sun-damaged skin.

At the time of the initial consultation, specific questions can be answered and rejuvenation options discussed that address your skin concerns and goals.