For Facial Lines and Wrinkles

While “Lite” CO2 Laser (just one pass over the treatment area rather than 2 or 3 passes) can be done for lines of the lips area or looseness or wrinkles of eyelid skin or removal of moles and other small skin lesions as a Lunchtime procedure.

However, if there is extensive facial skin aging with significant wrinkles, loose skin, and marked sun damage, a deeper CO2 Laser treatment may be the answer.

The CO2 Laser can be used to treat the entire face which can result in dramatic improvement of wrinkles, lines, acne scars and really tighten the skin. In this case, 2 or sometimes 3 passes of the Laser may be necessary.

There is some downtime associated with this more extensive CO2 Laser procedure, which can be as much as 7-10 days. The entire face can be treated or just specific areas, as in the case of acne scars, or if there are specific areas of wrinkles that you wish to have reduced.

In the past, along with the rejuvenation effects of CO2 Laser treatments, some patients have endured long periods of redness during the healing phase and even lighter facial skin color as a result.

By carefully decreasing the energy used, healing can be much faster, while still getting the beneficial results and lightening of the color of the skin can be avoided.

CO2 Laser is often done along with other rejuvenation procedures so that there is balance – so that the eyelids, neck, or other areas match the rejuvenated appearance of the face skin. While this is not a requirement, many people choose a balanced approach so that their results appear natural.