Eyelid Beautification

Is An Eyelid Lift For You?

If you look in the mirror and see tired, sad or even “old” looking eyes, it’s often some loose skin and tissue you’re looking at – commonly of both the upper and lower eyelids. Genetics has a lot to do with how you look as well as how you mature.

Considering what your parents looked like as they matured will give you a glimpse into your own future. So what can be done to help you achieve a more rested, awake and even more youthful appearance? And still keep your own unique identity? A lot.

Often, removing a small amount of tissue from sagging or baggy upper eyelids is the approach. Though sometimes just some superficial laser treatment can help tighten the loose skin for some people.

For the lower eyelids, sometimes removing a small amount of fatty tissue from the inside of the lower eyelids will restore a more rested look. And a “Lite” CO2 laser treatment of the overlying skin can tighten the eyelids skin and give the area a more youthful, rested look. There are other approaches, too.

Sometimes a small amount of your own body fat is actually added to the area just under the skin to result in a rested, less hollow look. The best way to find out what may be right for you is to have a complete evaluation and find out the options that may help you achieve your rejuvenation goals.

Safety, of course, is always the number one objective. And we want to avoid a result that looks like you’ve had “work” done. A natural, non-surgical outcome that looks like “you” is a high priority. This is where the science of cosmetic surgery meets the art.

What’s the “downtime?” Usually 5-7 days after eyelid surgery – called Blepharoplasty. But most people are driving in a few days and can do light errands and even are out-and-about wearing sunglasses.

Important to know: The pain, discomfort, or swelling associated with this procedure is usually minimal.

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