Face and Neck Lift

To Turn Back The Clock:     Neck Lipo Facelift Newport Beach Orange County

We have many options today that can help restore a more refreshed appearance while avoiding more extensive procedures. These include mini-facial fat transfers, ThermaCool skin tightening, CO2 Laser skin tightening and mini-liposculptures of the neck and lower cheek areas (jowls). However, sometimes in order to help one achieve their particular goals, a more extensive approach is needed. When is it time for a face lift? A Neck Lipo or FaceLift Newport Beach Orange County with Dr. Barnes can have you back to your routine fast and it’s done awake in under an hour!

If you find yourself looking in the mirror and pulling your facial or neck skin back to your ears with your hands to get the “look” you want, then some type of lift procedure may be for you. There are numerous options today from the “S” lift which in less invasive and involves removing a small amount of skin in front of the ears to decrease facial looseness. The downtime is only days, though this does little for a loose, saggy neck.

A Face/Neck lift, sometimes called a “tuck”, can be done in various degrees from conservative to more complete depending on what your particular needs are. Even so, an aging neck can still be remarkably improved without undergoing a “huge” procedure. Dr. Barnes does his Lunchtime Facelift Newport Beach Orange County in under an hour with minimal downtme or discomfort. Each person has their own unique needs and each case must be addressed accordingly. This is why the consultation is so important – to determine how your particular needs can be met with the safest, most conservative approach possible.

A natural, balanced outcome is a high priority. Often there are other areas of the face that have aged, too, so that other considerations must also be addressed so that the final result appears balanced, natural, and like you – only “refreshed”. Namely, sun-damaged skin can be improved in various ways – by “Lite” CO2 Laser, Prolite IPL Photofacial, or chemical peels, while it is also often desirable to surgically rejuvenate the eyelids at the same time.

The position of the eyebrows is also evaluated as sometimes an “eyebrowlift” makes sense to achieve overall balance. Additionally, removing excess facial and neck skin is only part of the story. We want to avoid a tight, hollow, windswept look. To this end, facial fat transfers can be very valuable in restoring natural facial contours and a natural, more youthful facial fullness that compliments a face or neck ”tuck” so well.

In this way, we often recommend a number of options always with the same goal in mind – to help you achieve the results you desire with the least invasive approach possible. If you take a moment and review photos of yourself from ten, twenty or more years ago, you’ll notice a youthful facial fullness that can’t often be restored with only one procedure.

Again, safety is always the first and highest priority, yet along with the required excellent surgical skills, a complete understanding of the artistic possibilities is essential for the best result and to help guide you in making the best choices for you.

Each one of us is unique in our rejuvenation needs and so it is not uncommon to offer a number of smaller less invasive rejuvenation options to be done at the same time, or soon after a face “tuck” or face/neck “tuck”.

Depending on what is done, the downtime can be 7-10 days or sometimes 2 weeks. But most are out and about in less than a week. Swelling continues to improve over weeks but most are working in 10 days or so and are quite comfortable doing so. It must be noted that post-operative pain or discomfort is usually minimal with these procedures which is sometimes difficult to believe yet true.

We look forward to discussing your own personal rejuvenation goals with you.