Effortly Lose Excess Inches of Fat Fast

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Do you have excess inches of body fat?

Well, we have the latest answer! Dr. Barnes was just seen on EXTRA, unveiling his “LASER LITE DIET”.

It’s a brand new, non-invasive laser technology which actually melts excess, unwanted fat. People lose inches by merely sitting under the 5 low energy laser lights.

Some lose up to 6-8 inches in days with easy 20 minute treatments in our private office spa!

And You’ll feel nothing – there’s no heat, no discomfort, no creams and no needles.

And, after just a few treatments, our patients are noticing their clothes fitting looser – and their friends are noticing too.

After 6 easy sessions, you’ll see and feel the results…

Some patients have lost as many as 6-8 inches off thighs, tummy and hips. Bra-line fat, back fat, upper arms and inner knee fat is shrinking.

All it takes is 6 short 20-40 minute treatment sessions over a two week period.

The results are real fat loss, too, but obviously, adhering to a reasonable lifestyle is important to maintain your new and improved body contours. You will lose inches as though you had dieted and exercised them off.

This cutting-edge and unique laser treatment program is only available at Dr. Barnes’ Newport Beach California office.

So how does it work?

Well, this special new laser is proven to cause fat cells to release excess fat which is safely taken up by the body’s own systems and metabolized.

The result: You lose inches without effort.

If you should also exercise and decrease intake of fats and excess carbs, the results can be even more amazing.

Dr. Barnes has the FDA study results documenting the significant results possible – Lose inches without effort.

“This is a great option for people unable to have liposuction, or are afraid of surgery, or just don’t have the time for the downtime associated with real liposuction surgery” says Dr. Barnes.

Dr. Barnes is also an expert in health and nutrition as well and has created a series of health CD’s which will soon be available to hear through this section on his LASER LITE DIET.

You will a able to hear new information every week – at no cost to you.

It’s all part of his unique LASER LITE DIET program which can enhance and help improve anyone’s body and overall health! It’s not enough to look great – feeling great and being healthy makes everything better.

Call our office for an appointment today!! Or for more information – and about prices and our specials this month…

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