Get rid of unwanted facial lines, wrinkles and folds!


1) Your own fat for transfer for face lines, lips or folds…

2) Or simple “fillers” that can be injected in minutes

(Juvederm, Retylane or Radiese) NO DOWNTIME!

Are your lips thinner than you want them to be? Do you have lines and wrinkles that bother you? There are a number of ways the lips and mouth region can be enhanced today. One way is to augment your lips using your own body fat. Sometimes several fat injections are needed to help people reach their goal. Fat enhancement can last years and even longer. There are other options, too.

The injectable Fillers Juvederm, a new product, can also be injected into the lips in just a minute or two. It lasts a year or more and like fat augmentation, it looks and feels natural. Usually, only one injection is needed but more can be added later if desired. These fillers will also get rid of facial lines, wrinkles and smile lines in seconds! You can find out more about Juvederm, Restylane or Radiese injections abd what can be done to enhace your own natural beauty when you meet with Dr. Barnes personally in his office.

They fillers are simple to inject as Dr. Barnes is the local expert and teaches other physicians his techniques. Having a consultation is the way for him to decide which will help you reach your own goals for your lips, lines, or facial concerns.

Often, we use “Lite” C02 or Dr. Barnes’ new Affirm C02 Fractional Laser over any lip lines and mild local wrinkles at the same time to really enhance the overall result. In this way, both the skin as well as the lips are rejuvenated so that the area is balanced and natural appearing.