For Sun damage, wrinkles, spots, skin laxity

Do you have light to lines or wrinkles, spots, loose skin or sun damage ANYWHERE on your body?

Now we have the answer! The new Cynosure SmartSkin Fractional CO2 laser can treat ALL these problems anywhere you have skin – Face, neck, chest, arms, hands, etc.. This new technology is based on thousands of tiny C02 laser DOTS made and you feel almost nothing – It’s a much more superficial procedure. It is generations better than the Fraxel Laser you may have heard of which can not do much for lines and wrinkles.

The SmartSkin healing is FAST – Just a few days usually but no real downtime. This we call the SmartSkin Laser DOT Treatment….For anti-aging of the skin. This can often be done awake as a Lunchtime Procedure with numbing cream alone without discomfort and go right home. The post op care is easy.

Why this DOT Treatment approach with the SmartSkin Fractional C02 laser? In earlier years, previous older CO2 Lasers were “hotter” and higher powers were often used, not infrequently resulting in a protracted healing period of months to get a marked decrease in lines and wrinkles of the entire face ONLY. Sometimes a lightening of the skin occurred, which can last long term.

By using the DOT Treatment skin therapy approach and only treat part of the skin as areas of small DOT – therapy for sun damage, we can now also treat the neck for crepiness and losse skin and the chest, arms, and hands, too, in addition to the face – with fast healing and little risk. It’s a real breakthrough – based on “fractional C02 technology” and the Affirm C02 is the latest advancement in that area.

Example areas to treat are the lip lines, the loose or wrinkled skin of the lower eyelids, smile lines of the cheeks, and even the forehead lines, as well as sun damaged neck and chest areas. Treating these areas in the “DOT treatment” manner, the healing is faster and discomfort minimal.

The SmartSkin Fractional CO2 Laser is often done along with other facial procedures like a lower eyelid lift, and fat transfer of the mouth area or cheeks to recreate more youthful facial contours, and fillers like Juvederm UP and Dr. Barnes’ Lunchtime NeckLfift – which he then calls The Venus FaceLift when several smaller procdures are done awake but you still get a BIG result. The SmartSkin laser can really enhance other facial and body procedures when lines and wrinkles and photoaging are to be treated.