Small Procedures With Big Results

If your face is thinning out and looking tired, even older, to some degree it’s because of aging and the loss of facial fat that is so common for so many of us. By using your own body fat to re-fill those areas – The Venous FaceLift by Dr. Barnes, he gives you more youthful contours of cheeks, lips, chin and forehead. This gives you an overall more youthful and rested appearance. Facelift Newport Beach Orange County is his specialty whethter with a fat transfer or a mini facelift awake in under an hour!

By taking a small amount of fat from another area of the body, where ample fat might reside, Dr. Barnes then injects the right amount of this fat into facial areas where it may be needed. While we don’t often consider the amazing value of fat transfer in rejuvenation, it is just as important as facelifting in terms of rejuventation. He may also recommend the Pelleve device to tighten facial skin at the same time and natural growth factors from a small amount of your own blood, sometimes called The Vampire FaceLift. Doing several less invasive procedures to get the big result is called Dr. Barnes’ own Venous FaceLift.

Just looking at past photos of yourself, you will see how your face may have matured over the last 20 years. If you are presently over 40 years old. There is more interest in fat transfer for rejuvenation than ever before. By using your own body fat, your rejuvenation is all you – without using synthetics to enhance your appearance and adding other noninvasive or minimally invasive options can really augment your results – The Venous FaceLift. Dr. Barnes has lectured about his techniques to other doctors and has been successfully performing these procedures for years. When a number of facial areas are being treated with larger amounts of fat we refer to this procedure as the “3-D” Lift.

As we age, we notice facial areas that are loosening or even sagging. Another minimally invasive way to “tighten” or “mini-lift” an area in order to give a fresher look with minimal downtime is The New Threadlift. By inserting special sutures under the skin with local anesthetic only, cheeks, forehead and even jowl areas can appear more youthful – without any real surgery. And results can last years after this mini-procedure that takes only minutes to complete.

If you are concerned about your appearance and want a more refreshed, less tired look, then you may wish to make an appointment for a full evaluation of rejuvenation options with Dr. Barnes. We have something for you.