LTM Vampire Facelift

The new awake, minimally invasive injections of your own cells results in a refreshed look in minutes!

Because all our faces undergo changes over the years, now we can restore a youthful look naturally and quickly.
We have a new lunchtime procedure that can help many of us. A new technology is now available in our office – In fact, we are one of the first to be offer this natural procedure to help rejuvenate your face. Sometimes just filling specific areas of the face can remove a tired, older look without any major surgery or cutting, Every face ages in specific ways, with loss of youthful contours and thinning of upper cheeks and deepening of mouth folds. Facelifting or other invasive procedures can often be avoided. The Vampire FaceLift is a new name but the concept has been around for years. By using a small amount of your own blood, we can remove cells called platelets which contain actual “growth factors” and other healing factors which can be injected with little or no discomfort into face areas for youthful effects – filling where needed, restoring a natural glow, too, many say. Often we may also use Juvederm filler in the cheeks along with your own growth factors to enhance results and prolong the improved appearance, too.

You feel little or nothing and still the results are often dramatic. There’s NO downtime, NO pain, NO bothersome swelling, Usually done fully awake with only numbing cream over the face skin, the Vampire Facelift usually takes only minutes to complete. You may have seen The Vampire Facelift on TV or heard about it from friends- Just call our office to find out if you can benefit from this new procedure.