Photofacial Treatments

For No Downtime Skin Rejuvenation

Do you have sunspots, liver spots, or too many freckles? Or red, ruddy skin with broken capillaries and large pores that bother you like Rosacea? Well, Dr. Barnes has TWO different Fotofacial devices – because he wants to choose the treatment option that is right for YOU. There is NO downtime and a treatment takes just minutes after numbing cream for 10 minutes

And Dr. Barnes does ALL the procedures himself. Dr. Barnes also teaches courses to other aesthetic surgeons about these treatments as well as other cosmetic procedures.

The Aurora Fotofacial-RF is unique – it has both intense pulsed light (IPL) AND radio waves and
together they are the best for toning skin, decreasing lines and wrinkles, as well making the skin look great – reversing many of the effects of sun damage.

It also improves texture, decreases brown and red spots AND acne breakouts and scars. This is the device option that gets the job done when other Fotofacial devices can’t.

Because everyone’s skin is different in terms of how it may respond to fotofacials. This includes the face, chest, arms, hands, backs and even legs. All these areas can be rejuvenated by fotofacial treatments if you have sun damage that bothers you – especially when Dr. Barnes uses the Aurora. And there’s little or no downtime! We recommend at least 4 treatments – one every month for 4-6 months. A treatment only takes about 15 minutes with little or NO discomfort because Dr. Barnes has perfected his own treatment technique.

The Prolite IPL Photofacial (Intense pulsed Light) can also significantly improve all of these concerns and more. The texture and overall appearance of your skin will also improve. And it really helps decrease fine lines, too. It’s great for rejuvenating sun-damaged skin, which is so common today.

And like the Aurora Fotofacial-RF, it’s a Lunchtime Procedure. No downtime. The Prolite is also very helpful with the treatment of acne – people notice a marked decrease in breakouts AND an improvement in many acne scars.

Whether it’s your face, chest, hands, arms or legs, the these treatments can really help rejuvenate your skin. And with little or no discomfort. Dr. Barnes will decide which device is best for your particular skin concerns.

For either device option, Dr. Barnes usually recommends 4-6 treatments, as one treatment each month. After just one treatment, you’ll be amazed how much better your skin will look. Your friends will tell you how great your skin looks!!!

These treatments go well with Botox injections and other mini procedures including liposculpture of the neck, and the ThermaCool Skin Lift, to attain a balanced enhancement which is a high priority whenever possible.

As no two people are exactly alike in their rejuvenation needs, seeing us for a consultation will give you the opportunity to find out about rejuvenation options which may benefit you specifically.