Face fillers

His fillers:

1) Juvederm
2) Restylane
3) Radiese

Dr. Barnes chooses the right one for you…

The newest product now available that can really enhance lip size and shape as well as soften the appearance of lines, deep wrinkles, and acne scars is called Juvederm. It’s safe, effective and lasts for a year, unlike collagen and other “fillers”.

The “fillers” come in small syringes, much like collagen, and are injected in the skin or below the surface of the skin into the fatty layers to add fullness to an area whether it’s the lips, a depressed scar, a deep line, wrinkle, or fold.

They are made of manufactured substances that are just like the body’s own tissue – for this reason, there’s no need for a skin test for allergies before hand, and it’s not tissue from another person or living source like collagen.

And it’s easy to inject – But Dr. Barnes only trained physicians should be injecting for you because he is a trained aesthetic physician who understands the face inside and out, including anatomy and function, and is an expert with this new product.

How is it done? Most treatments take 5 minutes or less with little or no discomfort. And there is no downtime. The Juvederm, contained in a small syringe, is injected through a tiny needle under the skin in the area you choose to be enhanced. The improvement is immediate. There is little or no discomfort, swelling, or any evidence that you’ve had a procedure.

For all of these reasons, FILLERS have much to offer you for any concerns you may have about thin, aged appearing lips with local wrinkles and lines, depressed acne scars, deep facial lines, wrinkles or folds at the sides of the nose and mouth, or the frown area lines.

At the time of your consultation, each and every question can be answered about how Facial Fillers may benefit you. Just one easy treatment may be enough for you and that one treatment can last for years or even longer.