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Smartlipo MPX and Tickle Lipo (NEW!!!): Liposuction Newport Beach Orange County

Smartlipo MPX™ is the very popular laser-assisted liposuction technique that simultaneously liquefies fat cells while tightening the overlying skin. SmartLipo™ offers a faster, safer and less invasive alternative to other liposculpture-liposuction methods, with fewer side effects and a shorter recovery time. Dr. barnes enhances its results by adding his other newer technologies at the same time, which makes him unique in his approach to help you get the results you desire.

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Smartlipo MPX™ achieves dramatic usually awake procedure results by delivering Nd:YAG and 1320 laser energy to localized fat deposits in the face and body through a small incision. The laser energy ruptures fat cells, which drain away harmlessly while coagulating tissue on contact, stimulating collagen production for tighter skin. This also minimizes bleeding - resulting in less bruising. For a single area the procedure can usually be done in one 30 minute treatment session with local anesthesia - with little or no discomfort. He often combines SmartLipo Laser with Tickle Lipo, the vibration lipo technique to remove most of the unwanted fat first painlessly and then finishes with SmartLipo for faster healing, less swelling and less downtime. Combining new technologies it the arful approach to helping you get the results you want faster and with less discomfort or downtime. Liposuction alone is obsolete, according to Dr. Thomas Barnes. Vaser and Lazy Lipo are also options to enhance results and are used when in specific situations to get the best outcomes possible. <strong>Liposuction Newport Beach Orange County</strong> is his specialty.

Dr. Barnes also uses Smartlipo and Tickle Lipo (Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction) for minimally invasive surgery which has included: awake neck contouring, tummy contouring, upper arms, thighs, back and hips contouring, Advantages of Smartlipo MPX™ are endless, especially if other technologies are combined like Tickle Lipo and the Zerona Laser during the post op follow up care to speed healing and decrease any possible swelling to get even better results for you:

  • Faster recovery

  • Minimal risk of side effects

  • Less invasive and traumatic technique

  • Stimulates Collagen growth – tightens, tones, and smoothes skin

  • May be used to treat areas previously untreatable by conventional means

  • Safety

  • FDA-approved

  • May minimize and eliminate the need for more extensive surgical procedures

  • May be combined with other treatments to maximize the total effect.

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