Turning Back The Clock

Using your own body fat to refresh facial or body contours is an important rejuvenation option. Now, you can also have your own regenerative cells and stem cells from your own body fat added in addition to what your own fat already has, which helps with healing and retaining as much of that fat as possible over years. Your fat can then be transferred to an area of the body or face where it can help improve your appearance.  Many now believe that stem cells are what gives the the body the amazing ability to heal itself and maintain youthful appearing skin, mucle and other body areas.

If you compare a photo of you from 10 or more years ago, often you notice the facial changes so many of us undergo over time. As we age, it’s common for the upper cheeks to lose support tissue under the skin and even appear drawn and hollow, the lower eyelid area can also appear hollow, and crow’s feet at the sides of the eyelids get more obvious. By adding several additional mini-technologies, Dr. Barnes can get the MAXI results people want with less downtime and no cutting surgery or sutures.

The mouth area under the skin can also thin out while lines around the lips become more prominent. The brow seems to droop some, too, as the deeper tissues thin out. All this together means the envelop of skin over our faces loses its support and seems to begin to sag and look “older”. This also contributes to lines and wrinkles of the face and body just as much or even more so than sun-damaged skin.

So the “space” under the skin is thinning out over time. We all go through this to some degree and as we age, the process progresses. So, what’s the answer to turn back the clock here? There is good news – The “Venus FaceLift” – because we are lifting the tissues by re-filling the spaces under the skin – the 3rd dimension spaces. Because the face is three dimensional – It has height, width, and “depth.” By adding the Pelleve device for skin tightening or his SmartSkin for lines and wrinkles, and lipo-contouring of the neck if desired, Dr. Barnes can take years off your look without a big surgery to deal with and downtime is just a couple of days.

While wrinkle lasers alone can improve lines and wrinkles of the skin, and face lifts can decrease what seems to be excess skin, another way to think about aging and aesthetic rejuvenation is in terms of re-filling the spaces where aging has really resulted in a loss of “support”. Multiple area fat transfers – The “Venus FaceLift – is also an artistic procedure – to recreate youthful contours and facial balance.

How is it done? A small amount of body fat is taken from the tummy area or elsewhere and under sterile surgical conditions, is injected where it is needed – under the skin around the mouth area and lips, in the cheek bone areas, under the folds at the sides of the mouth, under the lower eyelid areas if needed due to a hollow appearance, and anywhere a filling effect can be beneficial in improving overall appearance. Adding other options will enhance your results as noted above – and it’s usually done awake with little or no discomfort. Adding your own regenerative cells (from your fat) in addition to your own fat can aid in faster healing and longer lasting results  accrording to many physicians and clinical studies today.

The downtime after the procedure is often a few days, depending on what needs to be done to acheive the results you desire. Even the buttocks area can be enhanced by fat transfer, to improve the contour changes also associated with time. Dr. Barnes calls his buttocks procdrue The Venus Curves.

The fat transfer enhancements can be done alone or along with other rejuvenation options such as fractional C02 laser for wrinkles, and mini-neck contouring (neck shrinklift) depending on each person’s unique needs. Learning about all the options available is important in deciding what may be best for you to help you attain the goals you desire no matter how modest or significant in terms of rejuvenation. It is our philosophy to help you re-acquire a more refreshed or enhanced appearance while still maintaining your own unique identity and natural look.