For No Downtime Skin Tightening!

When you look in the mirror do you see loose skin of the cheeks or neck that didn’t used to be there? Or are your eyebrows looking too low? These changes can make you look tired, sad, or even older than you acually are. For women, these changes can make you look more masculine.

Now there are new non-surgical options that can really tighten loose skin and even raise your eyebrows – without surgery. And results often begin to appear within days. They are based on radio frequency energy and are very popular today because they are often alternatives to skin tightening with cutting surgery

Two recent breakthoughs in our field are the Syneron ReFirm and the Pelleve Skin Tightening Procedures. These devices uses radio waves directly on the skin, the loose skin of the cheeks, forehead, crow’s feet, and even neck that bother many of us. These devices can actually tighten the skin of these areas, helping you to look more refreshed, less tired and even “younger”. The NEW Pelleve works even better for FACIAL skin thightening and is the latest RF device which is easy to use, no discomfort and has almost immediate results! No numbing cream is needed to do the Pelleve procedure which makes it the most popular non-invasive skin tightening device today and there is NO downtime!

If you would like your eyebrows to be just a little higher as well, then the Pelleve device may be the procedure for you. While he has most of the latest devices for skin tightening, Dr. Barnes will help you decide which technology will be best for your rejuvenation needs – Many find the Pelleve device a more comfortable procedure treatment and 3-4 treatments are usually planned for best results – one every 3 weeks.

The procedures can be done in 45 minutes or less and are often done with numbing cream alone. There is no downtime following this procedures. Often several treatments are desired for more tightening within a few months after the first procedure and the results may last for years. We believe in these procedures ourselves and several of our staff members have had it themselves.

These procedures are often done along with Botox injections, Juvederm or Vampire FaceLift PRP filler or the Venous FaceLift and the Prolite IPL Photofacial treatments for our non-invasive facial rejuvenation program.