Quick and Effective:  Tummy abdomen Liposuction Newport Beach Orange County

Quick and Effective:  Tummy abdomen Liposuction Newport Beach Orange County

The Tummy Shrink Lifttm Procedure – New technologies available today, in combination with procedures Dr. Barnes has already been successfully performing for years, offer him a number of options for improved clinical results for his patients. With this goal in mind, Dr. Barnes has created the Tummy Shrink Lift procedure. Also works for Love handles Lipo Newport Beach Orange County! And thighs Lipo!

The Tummy Shrink Lift can be done for a lower tummy “pooch” that women often complain about, as well as help improve love handles. In each case, Dr. Barnes performs his Shrink Lift procedures in similar ways in different body areas. Each patient has unique needs in Dr. Barnes’ opinion and is evaluated in terms of where and how they may benefit most from these procedures.

So how much time does it take and is there any discomfort? And how soon can patients return to normal activities? These are common questions – And the right ones to ask…

The Tummy Shrink Lift is comprised of liposculpture of an area initially and then a local skin treatment with radio waves technology immediately thereafter. This is done in a similar way wherever it is done on the body.

It is usually possible to perform lower tummy liposculpture – As it is for other areas – while you are awake in 30 minutes or so with little or no discomfort.

In the case of lower tummy Shrink Lift – The first part of the Shrink Lift procedure is done by using a local anesthetic to numb a small area just above the pubic area, then make a tiny opening in the numbed skin and introduce about a cup or two of diluted numbing medicine in saline solution in order to numb the tissues of the lower tummy area – skin and fat below it. The fluid introduced is called tumescent solution – It has been used in liposculpture for more than 20 years.

Then a syringe is used to remove any un-needed fatty tissue in the area under the tummy, neck, love handles or upper arms skin. This is called “liposculture.” There is generally little or no discomfort due to the numbing medicine used to prepare the areas being treated – This is the case for the neck Shink Lift to treat the neck and jowls, the upper arm Shrink Lift and love handles as well.

Immediately after liposculture, Dr. Barnes uses his radio wave device over the local skin of the areas where he does liposculpture. The radio waves serve to heat the collagen in the deeper skin in order to provoke more beneficial effects like increased skin tightening over doing just liposculture alone.

With the addition of using his radio wave device, the ReFirm, immediately after the procedure, Dr. Barnes believes our patients are getting faster healing, tighter skin of the area as a result, less post-operative swelling, bruising and even less discomfort and a faster return to normal activities.

The radio wave treatment takes only minutes so that the entire Tummy Shrink Lift procedure may take 30 minutes or less – With little or no discomfort. Results are often significant immediately after the Shrink Lift procedure (Local tumescent liposculture and radio waves treatment of local skin.) Most people can see a marked reduction in the size of the “pooch” of the lower tummy.

Many of our patients are able to resume normal activities in the next day or two. And our patients are very happy about being awake for this procedure which usually takes under 30 minutes from beginning to finish so that they need not undergo intravenous sedation.

You may have seen Dr. Barnes on a television news segment doing the Tummy Shrink Lift and have appreciated the immediate results that so many patients can see right after this minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Barnes has been seen frequently on various news programs, performing his procedures and explaining how these procedures are done, and actually doing the procedures live on camera in his accredited operating room.

As the same type of Shrink Lift procedure can be done for a heavy or sagging neck, the upper arms and love handles – Many people look forward to taking advantage of the benefits of this minimally invasive approach, awake procedure, with minimal discomfort and downtime. In each of the other body areas where the Shrink lift can be helpful, the it is perforned in much the same way.

To recap – The real pluses are, of course, little or no discomfort, an awake procedure (no sedation needed usually,) fast results, and very little downtime if any. For all these reasons, the Shrink Lift procedures are very popular in our practice and just the type of procedures that TV News programs call Dr. Barnes about as minimally invasive procedures that get great results are very popular today and can often be the answer for many people with concerns about the size of their lower tummy, neck, jowls, upper arms, or love handles. More than one of these areas can be treated at the same time, too.

Of course, patient safety is always the number one concern in our practice and Dr. Barnes evaluates each and every potential patient in his pre-operative examination to be sure the Shrink Lift procedure is the most appropriate procedure to help them reach their goals.We look forward to discussing your own personal rejuvenation goals with you.