Chin and Neck Lipo! Amazing results! By Dr. Thomas BARNES Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon! Must See!

Hello, this is Dr. Thomas Barnes, Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon again, and here we go with my neck lipo laser procedure.

Look at before and after it looks like mother and daughter, and that’s just a few weeks after.

Here’s another case where she had a fulness under the neck.

I did my procedure and look at her immediately after. You see a big difference already. And people just love that.

They love looking at the pictures like this one where you see the little fluffy area under the neck. And we got rid of that in just about 30 minutes of working on her. And she’s a happy lady.

And here’s another case where she had that big heavy neck and no jawline and look at her immediately after. We already see a big difference and it just keeps getting better.

Here’s she had a big bubble under her neck immediately after. It’s already gone. And you can actually see jawline there for the first time in years for her. And this case, we’re looking under the chin.

It starts usually with a fulness right there under the chin area. And look at her immediately after.

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