Upper Arms Lipo by Dr. Thomas Barnes, Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon! MUST SEE!

Hello, this is Dr. Thomas Barnes, Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon again today, we’re talking about upper arms. Look at the change from before and after.

Huge difference.

I do my tickle-lipo. I do my laser under the skin. We can actually tighten that area up because sometimes even if you lose weight, they don’t get smaller. You see this difference, in other case, bigger arms, smaller arm. And this is just a few weeks later.

0Here’s another case.

Larger arm on a thin woman and now her arm matches on the after picture, the rest of her body. It’s slim. So these areas really matter to people, particularly if you once weighed a lot more and you lose weight.

These areas don’t always tighten up.

That’s when I do my life. And this is the back side.

You’re noticing bigger and then a lot smaller just a few weeks after.

And look at this final case. She actually hasn’t been called bat wings. And look how much better she is after a little lipo. And then my laser under the skin.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, thanks for watching.

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